Gollins Dodge Dealer - Negative equitty roll over , read your contract


Gollins Dodge dealership, I ended up with a car loan over the m.s.r.p. and a high interest rate to go along with it, this is the fifth auto i have purchased, they lied and pressured me right out the door, with in an hour i was at work and had time to read the contract in full, they took my 2012 avenger in trade and rolled 5k on top of the loan for a 2012 charger, now i had traded my 2001 dodge ram with 89k on it for the avenger plus cash, what did i end up with, a royle screwing, i called the service manager mick and told him i made a mistake with in that hour and was told , sorry you bought it, nice dealing with you lieing ***

Review about: Sales And Management.

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